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Traveling with foreign currency

The feeling that follows booking an international trip is one steeped in excitement and intrigue. Whether you’re flying to the Australian outback, setting sail toward the Caribbean islands, or departing to Canada or Mexico, the enthusiasm is off the charts.

The millions of women who travel alone each year balance their excitement with the reality of the world around them. Women accounted for 56% of all leisure travelers in the past five years — doing so while mapping out the safest and most entertaining trip possible.

All that agenda-building and needs-forecasting obviously comes with mounds of stress, especially for women traveling alone. It doesn’t have to, though. Small preparations such as securing foreign currency ahead of time can give global sightseeing types the peace of mind to confidently approach their travel planning and execution.

At Xchange of America, we offer customers a convenient and secure foreign currency exchange experience. Customers can decide how much local money they need and then order the currency and have it delivered to them within 24 to 48 hours.

How can door-to-door currency delivery change the game for women who travel solo and make it a safer, more enjoyable experience?

1. Traveling with foreign currency makes it possible to buy goods and services immediately.

Have you ever gotten off your airplane only to realize that you couldn’t get a taxi because you lacked the correct currency? Having destination-appropriate cash with you upon arrival allows you to buy a meal, catch that cab, or purchase any self-care items you left behind. Having foreign currency in hand makes it easy to acclimate to any country right away.

2. Having foreign cash allows you to have more control.

Women who have local cash on hand aren’t dependent on anyone else or vulnerable to their surroundings. You can pay for your own drinks and food or get out of a situation that makes you uncomfortable by hailing a cab. The best travel experiences for women allow them to travel on their terms.

3. Declining credit cards will seem like less of a problem.

Do credit cards get declined when you’re overseas? Absolutely. Even if you call your credit card company to alert them to your upcoming travel, you could still run into problems like your card being flagged for fraud. It’s much less stressful to have enough foreign currency on hand to tide you over until you can solve the issue.

The best travel experiences for women are ones that balance excitement with meticulous planning and caution. Entering a country with its local currency on hand offers a serious safety net for solo women travelers, and it’s never been simpler thanks to Xchange of America.

Visit our site to learn more about our process and have currency in your wallet in time for your next trot around the globe.


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