international travel clients

You share Xchange of AmericaTM with your international travel clients

foreign currency delivery & exchange services

Your clients use (and love) our foreign currency delivery & exchange services

make money on every referral transaction

You make money on every referral transaction


CONVENIENCE - destination-specific currency is delivered to your client’s home so they arrive overseas with local currency for immediate buying power and avoid standing in long lines at currency exchange windows after a long flight

SAFETY - clients minimize the risk of being targeted for theft by avoiding a public money exchange at a crowded airport counter or streetside ATM

SAVINGS - XOA prevents your clients from paying high overseas ATM withdrawal fees and exchange counter rates


  • Travel agents offer Xchange of AmericaTM foreign currency services to their clients when booking trips
  • XOA provides a special version of our logo embedded with a trackble link unique to your agency
  • The hyperlinked XOA logo is placed on your agency website and included in confirmation emails, which directs your clients to when clicked
  • Clients complete foreign currency transactions with XOA
  • A monthly transaction report is populated & distributed on the 15th of the following month
  • 1% of the total revenue from your client's transactions are calculated for payment to your agency
  • Payment is remitted to your agency by the 20th of the following month via ACH or check
*Full terms and conditions are located within the travel partner referral program contract.