About Us

Who are we?

We are Xchange of America, a leading provider of currency exchange to individuals, corporations, and financial institutions which includes banks and credit unions. Our institutional banknote division is a rapidly growing facet of our business. This division sources and distributes foreign banknotes around the world. Our technology ‐ driven focus allows the consumer and the institution products and services that meet the needs of our ever‐changing, fast‐paced world.

XOA was founded in 2007 with a robust, online, proprietary software ordering system that caters to the consumer in search of currency exchange. In addition, we also offer physical branches around the United States, to further meet the consumer’ s needs. The bottom line is, XOA is faster and more efficient (than anyone else in the industry) at currency exchange. This is our opinion of course. XOA is a trusted currency exchange partner to financial institutions, banks, and credit unions.

Partner with Us...

In addition to offering foreign exchange services delivered directly to the consumer's door, Xchange of America offers partnerships with financial institutions, banks, credit unions, and travel agents. These partners utilize state of the art, custom made software which paves the way and allows the business to offer XOA’s foreign exchange services to their clients. For more information please contact us toll‐free at (888) 796‐2962.