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The Best Way to Understand Currency Exchange

Currency exchange rates are subject to change, as every traveler understands. The overall value of each currency is directly dependent upon the strength of the country’s economy, which rises and dips on a continuous basis. Understanding factors such as inflation, the people’s confidence in the government, and interest rates within the country of desired travel will give any traveler an advantage in exchanging currency before the trip begins. After acquiring this information, follow these steps to gain the best exchange rate possible.

Select Currency

Understand what currency you’re interested in exchanging. For example, some European countries still rely on their country’s currency, while others rely on the Euro. It’s important to find out what type of money you’ll be handling while in the foreign country. You’ll want to find out the exchange rates in this step.


Discover the rates for changing your money. Use sites such as Xchange of America to get the best rates for exchange before you travel. However, it’s wise to know the rates, in case you find yourself having to exchange while traveling. Understand the exchange rate on the American dollar so you won’t be cheated if you do not exchange enough with Xchange for America, and need to exchange while traveling.


Understand the relationships of the currency. The American dollar has been strong in the world economy for decades, but there are some currencies that are stronger. Discover how much you will get on the dollar to understand the relationship between the currencies. It’s important to remember that a stronger currency will give you less spending power in the foreign country.

Convert Early

Use a site such as Xchange for America to change currency before you leave. Many travel advice experts recommend this, because airports or hotels will upcharge, creating unnecessary expense for the traveler. You’ll get less for your dollar when you wait to exchange at the airport. While banks tend to have lower rates, it’s best to work with a company at home.

Conversion Surcharges

This is an issue for many travelers, and it must be monitored. Watch for these surcharges during conversion, especially if you did not convert at home. There could be a 2 percent fee per transaction, which doesn’t seem like much, until it is repeated over the course of the foreign stay. Flat rates are nearly as bad, but will allow you to convert a larger amount of money at one time. The best way to avoid this whole situation is to convert money before leaving home.

Credit Cards

If you’d like to use your credit card, call your card company and inform them of your intention to travel. Ask about exchange rates and fees in the destination company, as they may change due to travel. Sometimes, rates are fair enough that it’s more convenient to use the card, but relying on one card while traveling can be nerve-racking. It’s best to combine converted currency with the use of a credit card for the most secure travel possible, and you can do that when you buy currency at Xchange of America.


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