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Travel Tips to Guatemala

One of the most loved regions to visit in Central America is the southern shore of Guatemala. In recent years, you will need to be cautious due to a rise in violent crime in some areas, such as robbery or assault.

However, with the right preparation and with the purchase of the local currency from Xchange of America, you can enjoy the best that Guatemala has to offer and the wide range of unique attractions offered by the country.

Here are a few spots you can visit and things you can do:


It is otherwise called Reu for local people. This region ended up well known because it is
home to some of Guatemala’s most noteworthy event congregations. There also additionally adjacent Mayan ruins worth going to.

  • Takalik Abaj
  • Xocomil Water Park
  • Xetulul Amusement Park

Puerto San Jose

Although, Monterrico is the most famous place among local people San Jose is another top option.
One reason is because it is nearer to Guatemala City. We recommend going to this place for those voyagers who want to do some angling.

  • Sail angling
  • Ostrich Farm
  • Aqua Magic

The Popular Beach Town – Monterrico

This is a top beach destination in Guatemala and the most well-known shoreline among local people. It
includes a small town that has few facilities. Nonetheless, it has been rapidly developing over the most recent few years.

This is a famous destination of both locals and visitors. It is a dark sanded shoreline where you will have the ability to see ocean turtles settling or incubating (contingent upon the season). It doesn’t have many hotels however some are great. It is a delightful area where you can easily spend several hours enjoying the weather during the warm season, beachgoing and a wide variety of local attractions.

Below are some of the top attractions in Monterrico. Those who love nature and the outdoors will find plenty to do here to occupy their time and ensure a pleasant beach getaway.

  • Hawaii Park
  • Reserva Natural de (Monterrico Nature Reserve
  • Tortuguero Monterrico
  • Turtle tours

What to Do

  • Birdwatching
  • Boat tours along the mangrove trenches
  • Turtle tours around evening time
  • Volunteering at Tortuguerio Monterrico

Lanquin Town

Lanquin is a residential community situated in the Alta Verapaz Department, Central Highlands of Guatemala. It is the closest town to the super famous Lanquin Caves.

The most widely traveled approach to arrive is from the close-by and substantially larger town of Coban. You can arrive by driving through an street along Cardamom estates.

This small town is minutes from one of Guatemala’s most popular attractions after Antigua and
Tikal, the Lanquin Cave System. Lanquin is a progression of limestone formations under the ground so enormous that no wayfarer has ever reached where they end.

A few tours and attractions that are offered in the zone are:

  • Horseback riding
  • Rafting the Río Cahabón
  • Hiking the Lanquin Caves

Spots you have to visit:

  • Biotopo Mario Dary Rivera
  • Semuc Champey Natural Monument
  • Candelaria Caves National Park

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