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Travel Tips for Columbia

Columbia is one of the most traveled destinations in South America. An interesting fact about Columbia is the origin of the name of this country – after the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

From this country, many world celebrities have emerged, among the most popular include Shakira, Juanes James Rodriguez and Sofia Vergara. Bogota is the capital and one of the biggest cities in the world with a population of more than three million.

Many famous writers were born in Colombia, including the world-renowned Gabriel Garcia Marquez who won the Nobel Prize in 1982.

Simon Bolivar, the man who Bolivia was named after, was at one time the president of Columbia. Colombia gained its independence in 1819, following the revolution brought by the same man.

If you travel there, below are some tips you should follow to ensure a safe time:

Be careful venturing out at night

Several areas of Bogota are unsafe after dark, even they close to hotels. It is risky to travel without knowing where you are going. Also there is a lot street theft which can happen near the central Cathedral in Bogota.

Also, you should use taxi apps. There are several options and one of the popular ones is Tappsi, if you don’t have required phone data, a receptionist from a hotel can help you.

Learn the Spanish language

An elementary knowledge of Spanish will help you in case of danger or simply for getting around the country. When local criminals feel that you are foreigner you may be in more danger.

A second advantage of speaking Spanish is the connection that you will have with the local community. There is nothing better than when you can talk with local people.

Pay attention on your drinks

Never accept drinks from strangers, especially in big cities. In any situation somebody can put a drug in your drink.

Pay attention to fake policemen

There are sometimes illegitimate fake policemen who sometimes request to check your passport and insist to give them money. Many tourists had a problem with criminals who wear a policeman’s
clothing. If you make a contact with fake policemen, try to find the real uniformed policemen.

From June to November, the Cano Crystals River in Columbia changes five colors: red, black, yellow, green and blue, one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world and well worth visiting during your trip. The red color comes from a red plant called Macarenia clavigera which grows in the riverbed.

Believes or not Columbia is one of the safest and most attractive touristic attractions in South America. Nowadays it is safer than earlier years after recent agreements with the guerilla group FARC. There are many things which you need to pay attention to making your holiday in Columbia safer.

Stay away from most destinations in the evening unless you are familiar with the area and have a group with you. Also be sure to buy currency ahead of time so that you can enjoy the top destinations in the country.


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