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The Best Travel Tips for South America

South America holds many secrets, including beautiful urban wonders and natural mysteries. The continent includes a range of terrain, from snow-capped mountains, to rainforests, to bustling cities complete with unique, country-based charm. Travelers are treated to historic ruins, lush islands, spirited parties, world famous cuisine, wildlife found nowhere else, and much more. All these enchantments attract numerous travelers every year, however, first-time visitors are often overwhelmed by culture shock. If you can’t wait to visit this amazing piece of the Earth, follow these money and general travel tips to explore the continent with confidence.

Understanding the Visa Guidelines

Every country on the continent sets its own rules for visa regulations for U.S. travelers. You’ll find some countries have open borders, while others ask for specific documents before entrance. For example, Brazil will ask U.S. travelers to obtain a specific visa, costing approximately $160, before he or she is allowed to leave Brazilian borders. Make sure you’ve checked the specific entrance and exit requirements for every country before attempting to travel around South America.

Understanding the Local Currencies

This is an essential part of traveling, and will help you when you are attempting to buy currency before your trip through companies such as XchangeforAmerica, where you receive money exchange from the comfort of your own home. It’s important to remember that the continent, as a whole, does not have one set currency, unlike the U.S. or Europe. There are a range of currencies, from the Columbian peso, to the Brazilian real. It’s also important to keep checking the exchange rates, because they fluctuate often. Use our site to help you exchange your money safely and effectively, using the most current exchange rates.

Use Every Type of Transportation

No matter how you’re used to traveling, you’ll be surprised by the modes of travel in South America. Though there are a number of ways to travel the continent, the most popular way to get from one place to the next, even between countries, is public bus. Most public buses are comfortable, with air conditioning and other conveniences, but some are less than desirable, with few stops and uncomfortable conditions.

Make sure to find out how the buses operate before using them, how they expect payment (cash or public transit cards), and if you will need to exchange extra cash for this mode of transportation. Include your research in your financial planning before approaching XchangeforAmerica to buy currency. If you forget, however, don’t worry – come back to us to exchange more cash before leaving on your trip. Don’t forget that flying is also an option to get around the continent, but remember to account for the necessary money for this type of travel as well – when you buy currency at an airport, you overpay in fees, so exchange early, while you are still at home.

When you work with an exchange company before you leave, you save in exchange fees and have more money to enjoy everything South America has to offer. Remember to review your itinerary to buy currency from every country you’ll be visiting, and leave all the footwork in exchange to XchangeforAmerica, who will deliver what you need to your door.


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