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The Best International Ski Destinations for Winter Travel

Tropical beaches and exotic scenery in warm climates might grab all the winter vacation headlines, but don’t sleep on a snowy winter getaway! According to a WalletHub survey, more than two-thirds of respondents said they were planning for winter travel.

For those looking to get out of town (or the country) for winter travel excitement, some of the best places to have the best experience are at international luxury ski destinations. Below are a few of the top global places to visit for skiing, snowboarding, and general relaxation.

1. Canada

So you’re not quite comfortable with a long flight? No problem. Canada doesn’t just border the United States. It’s also one of the best international places for a ski trip, as long as you follow the country’s updated guidelines.

Start your Canadian ski tour at Banff National Park. There, you’ll be able to sample a bevy of delectable culinary options and immerse yourself in the surrounding sites and sounds. Not too far away from Banff is Lake Louise and its winter wonderland of slopes. It’s a picture-perfect locale, making it a terrific choice for enjoying gorgeous scenery if you’re traveling with a special someone or a group of friends.

Whistler is another must-see mountain with serious terrain and more than 200 runs. In other words, you can leave your boredom back at your home office. When you’re not schussing downhill or working your quads on an hours-long cross-country expedition, you can spend time sightseeing around this picturesque jewel of British Columbia.

2. Japan

When you think of Japan, you might not automatically think of skiing. You’ll change your outlook quickly when you see the fluffy, dry, deep snow of Niseko at any of the Niseko United villages.

Japanese ski resorts have a charm all their own that you won’t find elsewhere. Want a touch of tradition, a dash of exotic wildlife, and unbelievably delectable cuisine? You can trust Japan to deliver.

Like all international ski vacation destinations, make sure to keep up with Japan’s ever-changing travel status alerts.

3. France and Italy

Like a pair of fine wines, France and Italy present side-by-side opportunities for you to luxuriate in skiing paradise this year. Begin at Courchevel, a famous ski area well-regarded for its endless eateries, boutiques, and chalets. Or, check out Cheval Blanc Courchevel in the French Alps. Just don’t be surprised if you rub elbows (or ski poles) with known and up-and-coming starlets from across the globe.

Next up? Experience Italy, specifically Cortina d’Amprezzo. It’s worth getting a pass to ski on all three accessible mountains in this unforgettable location. Worried because you’re still clinging to the bunny slopes? No problem. Cortina d’Amprezzo’s ski schools are exceptional.

Of course, make sure to take a peek at the newest French Covid and Italian Covid information before making your flight arrangements.

4. Switzerland

Skiing and Switzerland have gone hand-in-hand for generations. When you crave gorgeous views and some of the most exciting skiing opportunities in the world, consider traveling to a ski resort in Verbier or St. Moritz.

Verbier offers the ultimate in pampering at all the ritzy, deluxe accommodations available to visitors. Plus, you’ll get some of the best powder you can handle. No matter what your skill level, you’ll appreciate the magnificent scenery.

Want a designer touch to your Swiss ski vacation? Spend some nights in St. Moritz. From cricket and horseracing during White Turf season in February to everything in between, you can play away the hours in style. Just make sure to check out Switzerland’s latest travel status so you know before you go.

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