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Keeping Your Travel Money In Your Pocket

Losing money, whether it’s to a shady individual with sticky fingers or to the absent mindedness of end-of-the-work-week fatigue, is one of the worst feelings there are. When you are travelling and you lose your cash, that terrible feeling is compounded. While some situations are inevitable, there are lots of little tips and tricks that can be helpful when trying to prevent picked pockets and forgotten billfolds. More important than finding the cheapest conveyance to get around town or avoiding tourist traps, here are a few things that you would do well to keep in mind when carrying around money as you travel.

• If there is no safe in your hotel room to lock away your valuables and extra money, then find somewhere else to put those things that only you have access to even if that might mean carrying those things with you until you find such security.
• People like to make fun of how dorky money belts look, but they are a very effective method of deterring thieves – your more likely to feel someone reach up your shirt than to feel someone slip a quick hand into your pocket or purse to snatch your wallet.
• For the type-A people out there, keeping things organized often means keeping like things all in the same place. But when you travel, it is often spread out your payment options throughout the bags you are carrying e.g. keep credit cards in your purse and your cash in your suitcase. If one is lost ore stolen, you always have the other.
• Methods of electronic theft abound far more than you might think. If you are using a chip-embedded credit card, look into buying the special kind of sleeve that will protect it from stealth scanning. Also, if you are using an ATM, always go inside the bank; using stand alone machines can be fitted with skimmers that can steal your information and money without you even knowing it.
• There are all sorts of ways you can get robbed of your money. If you are looking to buy currency, either find someone you can rely on in country or make the exchange before you travel – unless you are a currency expert, exchangers can very easily rip you off. If you plan on going out to eat, get familiar with tipping customs in the country you are visiting – if you leave a tip someplace where the tip is already part of the bill, then you are paying the bill twice.

Unless you happen to be a wizard, money is something that everyone needs to get by in the world. It is very easy to lose cash when you are out travelling, but following these handful of suggestions just might save you from an unfortunate situation. Don’t let some local pull one over on you and only give half of what your cash is worth – buy currency for your destination before your trip even begins. Don’t let your cash, credit cards, ATM card, and traveler’s checks get lost when the airline misplaces one of your suitcases – split them all between yourself and your bags. Its amazing how much a little knowledge and common sense can save you in the long run.


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