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Denmark Travel Tips

Denmark is a Nordic country south-west of Sweden and south of Norway. Tourism is a growing industry with tourists mainly coming from neighboring countries but also other destinations. Although not the first thing that pops up in the minds of travelers planning to go to Europe, it is still an excellent destination which is often overlooked. Here are 4 tips for traveling to Denmark.

Traveling to Denmark can be expensive without budgeting. Accommodations and food are the two biggest expenses. Try going local on both to save costs, and make sure to buy the local currency, Danish krones, before you head out so that you can save money on local foods. Couchsurfing is very popular in Denmark so visitors can find hosts as long as requests are sent in advance and this is planned.

Otherwise if that makes you uncomfortable, there are hostels which are lower in cost, as well as reasonably priced hotels in areas outside of the major cities. This can be a nice change of scenery as well from some of the busier areas like Copenhagen, but you will certainly want to visit the cities as well.

To save cost on food, cook your own meals from buying ingredients at the grocery store if possible. If you do want to eat out, try the street stalls. In addition, try to use city bikes which are mostly free to take advantage of Denmark’s safe and extensive cycling routes.

Seasons are also an important factor to consider. The best time to visit Denmark would be from May to June, during Spring. This season has long daylight, good weather, and small crowds. Travel during other seasons are still possible but visitors have to endure colder weather and some closed attractions during Fall and Winter. Summer is still a good season to visit but expect bigger crowds.

Denmark is not short of interesting attractions. It is important to know about their best attractions, especially if you are short on time. Visit the famous Nyhavn, a historical waterfront lined with colorful townhouses in Copenhagen. It is a great place for a scenic walk or to stop in one of the bars or restaurants.

The Tivoli Gardens is conveniently located opposite Copenhagen Central Station and is a world-class 19th-century amusement park. The Kronborg Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along the coast of Helsingor. Explore the impressive architecture of the castle which was one of the inspirations behind Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet.

Denmark is a family-friendly destination. Safety-wise, Denmark is considered very low risk. Locals are fluent in English, having been taught in school. However, do expect the possibility of miscommunication with the locals if you do not speak Danish. Also, note that locals are sometimes not open to engaging with strangers so it is important to approach strangers politely depending on the circumstance.

These tips should help you make the most out of your travels to one of the happiest countries in the world. Denmark makes for a wonderful destination if one plans their trip wisely and buy currency ahead of time.


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