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Good Travel Agent – Currency exchange services

Is your next international excursion just on the horizon? Are you considering the emerald waters of Australia or the Mediterranean?

Here’s another question: Are you sure you want to plan it yourself? We spend all day consuming information and entertainment through computers, TVs, or phone screens. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a break, hand the reins to a travel agent, and let them plan the trip of your lifetime?

The benefit of working with a travel agent is that enjoyment, adventure, and convenience are part of their job descriptions. Skilled agents can take the broad strokes and details of the trip you have in your head and use them to paint a picture of a luxurious, picturesque vacation brimming with all the breathtaking sites, activities, and dishes your heart desires.

However, before bringing in the experts to map out your next big international venture, make sure they’re up to the task. Your next travel agent should embody these four qualities:

1. In-Depth Expertise of Your Destination

DIY trip planners leave no stone unturned. They research the best lodging, eating, and sightseeing options a destination has to offer, then try to fit them all within the outlined budget. A next-level travel agent should have that information on the ready so no time is wasted in planning a trip tailored to your specifications.

When researching potential agents, scour every inch of their digital footprints to see what they know. Start with their websites, then piece through their social media accounts to see any images and what extra context they provide. Are they just posting pictures, or are they supplementing them with firsthand accounts and knowledge? Can they attest to how safe the surrounding area of a hotel is? Do they provide specific insight into sheet thread count, bathrobe quality, or housekeeping thoroughness?

A travel agent with extensive knowledge of your destination can allow you to sit back, relax, and wait to see your next vacation come to life.

2. Similar (or Better) Taste As You

Are you a fan of five-star dining and lodging experiences or low-key hidden gems? No matter the category you fall into, articulate your preferences to an agent and see if their tastes align with yours.

Again, social media accounts and agency homepages are both excellent indicators of how sophisticated agents’ offerings and ideas will be. Maybe these pages will feature options you hadn’t heard of or ones that are more attractive (and affordable) than you’d imagined. Ask these questions and use your findings to determine who is best suited to plan your next trip.

3. Connection to a Concierge Currency Exchange Service

One recent barrier facing international travelers is currency exchange. Specifically, airports closed their exchange kiosks, meaning travelers in need of some last-minute local cash are scrambling for alternatives.

Ask your prospective agents if they can suggest or partner with a currency provider that can get cash to you beforehand. At Xchange of America, we have a simple ordering process in which customers sign up and can receive cash at their doorsteps within 48 hours

4. Always Available

Vacations don’t always go as planned. Lost reservations and miscommunications can stress you out during a time when that’s the last thing you want to feel. Find an agent who is a keen problem solver with round-the-clock availability.

The best way to judge a travel agent is to see how they respond to problems. If they have a 24/7 answering service or are super responsive to texts and emails, you know you can depend on them, regardless of where you are in the world.

If the last few years taught us anything, it’s that we need to simplify our lives. Simplify your next vacation by working with a travel agent and letting them plan the kind of adventure you’ll be talking about for years to come.


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