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Why XChange of America is More Convenient Then a Local Currency Exchange

If you have never used a service online to change money, now might be the time to start.

Xchange of America is an online currency exchange that will deliver any foreign currency you buy straight to your door. It is designed to be super convenient for today’s lifestyle.

They offer a “Point and click, currency to your door” service and are aiming to be the top currency exchange in America. Besides being an online business, they have several physical locations too. You can see their list of stores on their website.

Why is it more Convenient Than a Local Currency Exchange

Have you ever thought to buy currency online? It makes sense, as you can do some research, compare rates and place your order. All of this can be done in minutes in front of your computer. There is no need to go out of your way to find a local currency exchange, find parking, stand in a line, wasting time. When you buy currency online, it is a simple and straightforward transaction. You know exactly how much cash you are getting.

They will even send it to you. You don’t have to drive anywhere to pick up your foreign currency. This saves a lot of time and headaches. If you are in a hurry, you can book the currency you want online and pick it up at one of their outlets. When you buy foreign currency online at XChange of America, you never have to worry that they don’t have enough of the currency you want.

If your local currency exchange didn’t have stock of that currency, you don’t have many other options. You can use their secure service to buy foreign currency with a debit or credit card. They use a state of the art identity verification and authentication for your security.

They also don’t have a minimum amount you can exchange and there isn’t a fixed fee. When you buy foreign currency from XChange of America, you can use their currency converter calculator to work out how much in the equivalent foreign currency you will get. You can compare this to what the going exchange rate is. The great thing is that all this information is available freely online.

Lock in rates

The foreign exchange markets are notoriously fickle. Rates can fluctuate greatly in just a few hours. When you buy your currency online, you would have bought the currency at a fixed rate and is not subject to any strange economic situations that can cause big changes in the exchange rates.

Specialist providers like XChange of America are one of the largest providers. Usually the larger the provider, the higher their volumes and the more they can offer better exchange rates. Banks might not do a lot of currency transactions and due to this, charge a higher fee. Xchange of America deals with very high volumes of transactions and will be able to buy and sell currencies at close to wholesale rates. These are usually better than retail rates. There are saving to be made with regard to costs and this can be passed over to the customer.

Xchange of America deals with many different currencies and more likely to have stock of the obscure foreign currency you need for your next trip.


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