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Countries with a Low Currency Exchange Rate Compared to the USD

There are a number of countries with a low currency exchange rate relative to the US Dollar, meaning that many of these countries are a good option to travel to when you are trying to save the most money possible. The US dollar remains one of the strongest currencies in the world as a result of the relative strength of the US economy and a number of other factors, making it inexpensive to travel to several countries. With the proper trip planning you can end up saving thousands of dollars on a vacation to these countries compared to countries with a stronger local currency.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has one of the lowest currency exchange rates compared to the U.S. dollar, making it a more affordable country to travel to. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit in the Dominican Republic including some of the most beautiful beaches and oceanside resorts in the world. You can plan a vacation there and save a lot of money by making your currency purchase online. The Dominican peso is sold by Xchange of America and you can purchase it at a very reasonable rate compared to many other currencies. We can provide you with information about purchasing the Dominican peso from our website and help you plan your trip out so that you can save the most money possible.


The dollar remains strong compared to the Peruvian Sol, and you can purchase the Sol online from Xchange of America if you plan on traveling to Peru. The country is known for its delicious local cuisine and it is one of the top travel destinations in South America with its ancient Incan historic sites including the incredible Maccu Picchu, the Inca Trail, the city of Cusco, and many other archaeological sites that you can visit as a tourist. It is also home to a part of the Amazon forest. You can take many different types of tours in Peru and experience its great local food and more, and you can continue to benefit from a strong currency exchange rate if you buy their currency in the near future.


Mexico offers one of the most favorable exchanges for the U.S. dollar, making Mexico one of the best travel destinations for Americans. The proximity of the country is also a major factor that makes it a very convenient travel destination, and you can purchase hundreds of pesos for a relatively low amount of US dollars at the moment. You can get more information about the current exchange rate which can often fluctuate a little bit on a daily basis, but it has been steady for some time with the peso being lower than the dollar for many years. This lower exchange rate has resulted in some jobs being outsourced to Mexico in recent years due to some lower labor costs, tourism there remains high as well.

For any of the countries mentioned above it is essential to travel to particular regions that are considered to be safe, and to follow the advice of a tourism expert as you plan your trip.


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