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Considerations for Every Traveler

Traveling for business or pleasure is both exciting and exhausting, especially if the traveler finds a number of surprises along the way, such as changing exchange rates, surprise fees, and more. There are many things to consider before traveling, especially with finances, from understanding currency rates to realizing that currency exchange online is one of the greatest benefits of today’s fast-paced, Internet-led world. You can save money with currency exchange online and get some of the best information that you can find about the most widely exchanged currency options in the world.

Tell Your Bank

Make sure to call your bank and communicate your itinerary with them. What countries will you visit, and for how long? This is especially important if you are planning to use the cash you converted with Xchange for America in combination with a credit card. Take down the emergency numbers for your bank or card holder, in case your card is lost. Ask about a microchip option for your card, if you don’t already have one, because these are generally accepted at unmanned kiosks, such as train stations. Leave extra plastic, such as gas station cards, at home.

Convert Early

If you are converting before you go, which is the best option for most travel, make sure you do it as part of the planning stage of the trip – it must be done early. Remember that institutions may limit amounts, and if you plan to spend only cash, you may need to interact in more than one transaction. Make sure to start the process early and, if possible, at the best rates available.

Research the Banks

Research what banks and ATM’s will honor your card of choice without crazy hidden fees. Map them out along your trip so you make sure to get the best rates possible, and read about the experiences of others at the same facilities to double check that there are no hidden fees. Do as much research as possible about the facilities near your planned travel route to get the best possible rates throughout the length of the trip.

Research Your Own Bank

Remember to look into your own bank for overseas services. For example, you’ll never see a Wells Fargo outside the United States, but you will enjoy the convenience of international telephone assistance. Find out how your bank will help you while you’re traveling, and if they offer any convenient traveling services. Some banks will offer receipt tracking; make sure to ask about this. Otherwise, save all your receipts in case you need to dispute a charge.

Returning with Cash

If you return home with leftover cash, head to Xchange for America first, where you will get the best assistance in returning the foreign money into American money. Most banks will buy foreign money, but only paper – never coins. Go with the company that started it all for your trip, and the one you’ve trusted from the beginning – Xchange for America. It’s fast, convenient, and the best way to convert your money while you get back to your daily life.


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