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Women Solo Travelers, Buy Foreign Currency

Women Solo Travelers, Buy Foreign Currency

Solo travel. It’s the type of experience that inspires people to test their limits and broaden their horizons. In recent years, it’s become a popular option for all travelers, especially women.

According to’s inaugural “Solo Travel Report”, 65% of women travelers take trips alone. Unfortunately, nothing dulls the high of traveling alone quite like an unsatisfactory or unsafe hotel experience. The hotel serves as the traveler’s home base, a place where they lay their heads and their possessions.

Without peace of mind that you or your belongings are safe, the excitement that fueled your travel could wane. That’s why guest security needs to be a priority in hotels. Nineteen percent of people surveyed by reported feeling unsafe during a hotel stay — and most respondents were women aged 18 to 35.

If you’re a woman who’s decided to travel the world alone, make sure to look for these safety measures in hotels:

1. Private transportation arrangements: Is the agenda for your trip to Cancún filled with nighttime dinners and drinks? What about taking a dip in one of the nearby cenotes? As enjoyable as both sound, it’s crucial to arrive on time and safely to these places.

When hotels offer private transportation, you can feel more at ease knowing you’ll return to your hotel safely. Ensure drivers and companies are properly vetted so you can feel relaxed with a trusted driver.

If you’re staying at a small hotel, drivers might be a select few who know the town well and come highly regarded. If you’re staying at a larger chain, make sure your hotel’s contracted limo or other transportation partner has high safety and customer service ratings.

2. Staff educated about human trafficking red flags: Ill-intentioned locals will sometimes choose to prey on the naivete or vulnerability of international visitors. That can translate to human trafficking instances that put women and other travelers in harm’s way.

One safety measure hotel leaders should practice is properly training staff members to identify instances of possible human trafficking. Whether located in the U.S. or abroad, hotel staff should be well trained in recognizing telltale from guest behavior and patterns, such as checking in for hours rather than days, paying with cash, and more.

Well-informed hotel staff can raise awareness of trafficking and help ensure safer travel for women, so be sure to check in with your hotel on how they keep employees in the know.

3. Round-the-clock contact with the concierge: Business cards might seem passé in a digital world. However, they can give women guests quick access to helpful contact information. Ask hotel staff for a business card to provide you with a direct line to the concierge.

Maybe you need help articulating directions to your driver. Perhaps you need suggestions for a late-night snack or even an urgent care facility. In any event, a direct line to the concierge can help you with unexpected travel delays or any of the circumstances listed above.

4. Access to a safe: When possible, take advantage of hotel room safety devices. All rooms should have access to a safe, and hotel employees should be able to assist you with instructions on storing extra cash, jewelry, and laptops.

This safety tip is beneficial when traveling abroad, as you are more likely to be carrying extra cash in a foreign country. Xchange of America delivers foreign currency to a customer’s doorstep within 48 hours. Travelers can have that cash with them when they arrive at their destination, then secure it in the safe of their hotel room as an “emergency fund.”

Whether it’s coming soon or a ways away, your next international trip will be an exciting and memorable excursion. For women traveling alone, booking a reservation at a hotel comes with many unknowns. How safe you or your belongings will be at your hotel shouldn’t be one of them.


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