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Buy Currency for Multiple Countries at Xchange of America

You are looking forward to your upcoming trip to another international destination. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, you should take care of the basic factors that will make your overall journey experience truly memorable and hassle-free.

Weeks or days before your scheduled trip, it would be best if you buy foreign currency ahead of time, which you can spend when you get to your destination. Your ATM or credit/debit cards could be used for cash withdrawal when you arrive in some cases, but these options are not always practical and convenient. Hefty charges may apply and at times, your bank may not permit international transactions. Furthermore, you might have issues finding ATMs in your destination.

This is why you should buy foreign currency before leaving. And the internet is the more convenient and practical option to take. Among the services you should consider are those offered by Xchange of America (

Multiple currencies

While most traditional and over-the-counter foreign exchange establishments have limited number of currencies available, Xchange of America has dozens of currencies of various countries that can be accessed. This means that wherever you are heading on your next trip, chances are greater that you could buy the currency in that country through our website.

Prevailing exchange rates

Xchange of America regularly updates its rates. Thus, you could be sure the rate applied to your transaction is the latest. You could determine this by clicking on the Currency Converter tab in the site’s homepage. From there, you could directly determine how many of your dollars would be converted into your required currency.

Picking up or delivered

For utmost convenience and security of its customers, Xchange of America is offering two options on how to get the currency you purchased. First, you can opt to pick up your currency in any of its eight locations across Florida, Georgia, California, Minnesota, Texas, and Nevada a day or several days after completion of your online transaction. This option will also save you a few dollars in fees.

If you are far from any of those locations, you can opt to have the currency delivered right to your doorstep. This option would automatically take the same billing address as used in the credit/debit card that you have used to pay the purchase. Anyone you authorize from your household or office could receive the delivery if you would not be around the moment the currency is shipped.

Rates and costs

Xchange of America intends to be the most practical and most convenient online portal to buy foreign currency. That is why it is also applying rates that are among the most competitive and attractive in the market today. Rates are regularly updated and are closest to prevailing currency exchange rates in various countries.

As for charges and fees, the company also sticks to being among the most transparent. You would not worry about being surprised by charges that are hidden in the fine print. During your purchase process, you will know upfront exactly how much you will pay for our services.


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