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5 Destinations That Make Travel Affordable in 2017

Traveling is a way to escape reality, learn about cultures from around the world, and gain new perspectives. For most, traveling the world and reaping these benefits is something of a dream that they believe is out of reach for financial reasons. While there are several destinations that would require a significant amount of money to explore, there are some hidden destinations that can be explored by everyone wishing to travel the world on a budget. The top 5 destinations for travelers on a budget are as follows:


With such a low cost of living compared to a majority of the areas in the United States, it is no wonder why this location is atop the list of must visit budget locations. To put things in perspective, an apartment’s rent at the center of Bangkok is around $460 a month. With each dollar affording travelers 33 baht (the currency used in Thailand), if one was to buy currency online, this currency exchange rate would make visiting or living in Thailand affordable even for people on the tightest of budgets.


With such close proximity to the United States leading to savings on air fare, along with a lower average cost of goods and services relative to the United States, Mexico is a prime location for travelers looking to go on an affordable trip. A family of 4 can stay in hotels for an average of around $100 depending on the city, and with a currency exchange rate of 1 USD to several more Mexican Pesos, travelers are sure to get a great bang for their buck when they choose to visit Mexico.


What this destination may be lacking in an overflow of sights and sounds, it more than makes up for in rich culture. While international airfare to and from this destination may be expensive, once in Cambodia even the traveler with the tightest budget can live like royalty due to the average yearly income in Cambodia only being $950! One US Dollar can get you many hundreds of Cambodian Riel. Buy Riel online, book a flight and be on the way to living like royalty.


Rich in history, mythology, and culinary arts, Greece is the perfect destination for any traveler; however, this proves especially true for those looking to travel on a tight budget. The weakened euro has made European travel slightly more accessible to Americans and Greece’s high rate of debt and generally poor current economic conditions have made this especially true for travel to Greece. 3 and 4 star hotels in the heart of Athens can easily be booked for less than $100 making Greece a prime destination for international travelers.


While there are many destinations in the Caribbean that offer crystal clear waters, none are as inexpensive as Haiti. Airfare to this country can cost anywhere between 300 and 500 USD with hotels ranging anywhere between 50 and 150 USD. This allows travelers to experience the great waters and other attractions the Caribbean has to offer without overpaying. With 1 USD converting to dozens of Haitian Gourde, this island is a prime location for anyone looking to travel the world on a budget.


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