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4 Tips for Traveling to Bermuda

Bermuda is a beautiful island located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a well-developed industry for tourism with amazing beaches, plentiful activities, and accommodations for visitors. Bermuda is also a largely conservative Christian country and its courtesy and hospitality is highly valued. This island is small yet safe enough to explore and is easy to navigate in its entirety. So, if you have never visited Bermuda and you want to save yourself from surprise, here are 4 tips for traveling to Bermuda.

1. Climate and when to visit Bermuda

Bermuda’s climate is mild through the year due to its Gulf Stream. Most tourism happens during summer. Its summer conditions favor diving and beach activities. Although Bermuda lies outside the hurricane path, it’s vital for visitors and especially newbies to know that Bermuda experiences a hurricane season from August to October.

Winter falls during November to March with high temperatures. Winter temperatures can be better for exploring the island as they are cooler. Therefore, there is a need to plan carefully and figure out the best time for you personally to visit, but during much of the year you will find warm, welcoming and calm weather.

2. Traveling around in Bermuda

Before visiting Bermuda, you need to know that non-residents are not permitted to rent cars here. This leaves the visitors with options of motorbikes or bicycles. If you have to rent a motorbike, note that you must wear a helmet and drive on the left. Always park your rented motorbike in well-lit areas and lock it securely. Alternatively, there is a public transport option which includes buses, taxis, and ferries which connect with most attractions around. This will need exact change in coins or you can purchase a transport ticket from the Central Terminal.

3. Accommodations in Bermuda

There are plenty of accommodations in Bermuda, however, be prepared for heavy bills. Life is expensive here. But if expensive isn’t a concern to you, you’ll be engulfed with the choice of apartments and resorts in the country. There are no campgrounds and hostels in Bermuda. Therefore, if you’re counting your pennies, consider visiting during winters when lodging costs drop off significant compared to the summer. Be sure to also buy currency before you travel, the Bermudian dollar, so that you can purchase the accommodations you need.

4. Health and Safety
Bermuda has no natural sources of fresh water. It’s important to ask your hotel for a clean drinking water before consuming it. Bottled water is widely available, but it can also be a good idea to carry a water purification system with you just as a backup.

Beware of the stinging jellyfish-like Portuguese man of war when spending time on Bermuda’s beaches. These jellyfish are hard to see when you’re in the water. Before you go swimming, it’s worth being careful about these dangerous creatures.

High sunshine experienced in Bermuda calls for the plentiful supply of sunglasses, sunblock and a hat to protect you from harmful Ultraviolet rays. Don’t forget to buy currency as well before your trip so that you can have cash with you as a backup payment option.


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