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4 Tips for Traveling to Bahrain

Tucked neatly in the eastern shores of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain is a small group of islands. Unlike its oil-rich neighbors, Bahrain had a difficult past. Bahrain does have a few other industries, but the shallow waters surrounding the archipelago produced excellent pearls, which used to be the major economic activity.

However, the country has made significant improvements in the past decade making it an ideal place to visit. It is one of the most liberal (Western Friendly) countries in the Arab peninsula with multi-cultural residents, businessmen, and travelers now crowding the streets.

There are plenty of places to see in and around Manama, the capital of Bahrain. From camel farms to Souks (Traditional Arab Marketplace) to modern and ancient architecture, Bahrain has a lot to offer. The food culture is also versatile and not boring at all for travelers of all backgrounds, and you will want to buy foreign currency before you visit – the local currency is the Bahraini dinar.

Here are 4 tips that might come in handy when you travel around Bahrain.

1. Pick a time: Winter would be the best season to travel. Like any other Arab countries, Bahrain has dry desert weather, so we would not recommend traveling during summer. On the average, the winter day temperature is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit and at night, it drops down to 30 degrees.

2. Rent a Car: It is ideal for you to rent a car with an English speaking driver. They have public transportations such as buses but if you are not a local, you would be very confused about the routes. A lot of those buses are not air-conditioned, crowded, and can be very hot inside. Bahrain is not an ideal place for taxis either. They are few in number and can be quite expensive to foreigners. Even a short 10-minute ride can cost up to $25 dollars. Since you are a tourist and plan to visit different sites, a rented car is the ideal mode of transportation. If you can’t rent one, have cash with you for transportation.

3. Stay Healthy: Do not travel to Bahrain if you are not healthy at the time. A sudden change in weather can cause problems and you do not want that. In the dry desert weather, it is advisable to drink a lot of water. You should also eat some fruits during your meals. The local fruits are the best because they are perfect for that kind of weather.

4. Show Respect to the Culture: Bahrain is somewhat liberal when it comes to cultures. Yet, you should be respectful of the local conservative Muslim traditions. Males should wear long trousers or shorts below knee level. Women should not wear items that are revealing. The hotels have their own swimming pools and beaches and swimsuits are allowed there but not on a public beach. Also, it is not advisable to show affection to opposite sex in public.

Traveling to Bahrain will be quite a unique adventure, so pack your bags and get out there.


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