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4 Benefits of Traveling to the Philippines

The Philippines is a very interesting country with over 7000 islands, that is still relatively undiscovered, even among the backpackers and travel bloggers.

Low-cost travel to the Philipines is very possible as the USD to Philippine Pesos (PHP) currency exchange rate is very favorable for US dollar now. For every USD $10 you get several hundred PHP. It is not the cheapest country to visit for travelers from the US but it is still a low-cost country to visit. You get a lot for your money compared to the states.

For the next year, the Philippines Tourism authority is actually doing a project called “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. Expect to see a spate of travel bloggers covering all those as yet undiscovered places on your nearest blogs soon.

1. Experience Philippines on a low budget

As the exchange rate favors those with US Dollars, you can afford a lot of adventures in the Philippines. As a country with thousands of islands, you can choose cast away on a deserted island, you just need to rent a boat to get you there. When in Manila, you can take a ride in one of the many colorful jeepneys. Eating locally is very cheap. Opt for a national favorite, chicken adobo or a seafood bbq.

2. Get Certified for Scuba Diving for cheap

The Philippines has thousands of islands and thousands of miles of coastline. The most famous destination for scuba divers is Boracay. It’s an island with unspoiled white sandy beaches but the treasures lie below the waves. It has the highest density of coral species in the world. It has been a favorite for Asian visitors for years but the rest of the world has yet to discover it.

Imagine swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving in the warm tropical waters and taking a dive boat out to one of the many dives sites. If you have not been diving before, you can get a license at diving training centers found in diving spots on several of the more popular islands. If you are an experienced diver, some of other dive sites that you should check out are the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tubbataha Reef.

Getting your scuba diving license here is a great idea as you are paying for the lessons in Philippine pesos and is almost always more affordable than getting certified in the states. Besides, you get to do your test in the beautiful clear blue waters of the Philippines.

3. A good base for a digital nomad

The average monthly rent for an apartment in Manila is about $300 a month. For this, you will get a nice place that is popular with the expatriates. As the cost of living in this South East Asian country is quite low, your monthly outgoings will not be too much. That’s especially true if you are getting paid in US dollars.

4. Retiring in the Philippines

If you are looking for a new place to retire that is cheap to live, great climate, affordable healthcare, where you can have a high-quality lifestyle for not a lot of money. As an expatriate, you are allowed to work and have unlimited entries into the country. If you are over 60, the Philippines government gives you special discounts on living and health-care costs. You will also be exempt from airport taxes, great if you intend to travel around the region a lot.

If you get your pension of income in US dollars, the equivalent in PHP will allow you to afford a very decent lifestyle. The Philippines is definitely one country you can consider.


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