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4 Benefits of Traveling to Mexico

Holidays in Mexico are such fun. Think about the sun, sea, and sombreros and you can enjoy all that because the USD to Mexican Pesos exchange rate is so favorable. Mexico’s cheap peso has made the country so much more attractive to foreign visitors. It’s a good time to take advantage of the exchange rate and enjoy a vacation in Mexico.

The Mexican peso is trading at around the level of 1 USD to well over 10 pesos. It will likely stay at this level for the foreseeable future as the fears of trade restrictions are looming over the Mexican economy. This economic uncertainty is not likely to be going away anytime soon. Lock in your spending money now as you can buy foreign currency online at Xchange of America.

1. What you can do in Mexico for cheap

Take a vacation at a luxury beach resort. Taking advantage of the low rates now is the time to indulge yourself and book into a luxury beach resort. Tourism numbers have affected the hotel industry and there are some amazing deals to be had. Compare the prices for a long weekend getaway to Cancun against a long weekend somewhere stateside. You’ll find that it’s probably cheaper to fly off to Mexico.

Here is a top tip. The hotels along the coast from Cancun to Tulum are seeing very low occupancy rates of about 27%. If you want to book at a particular hotel for a week, email them directly and make them a deal. It is possible to bargain, especially if you book direct. At the minimum, you might get a spa credit or some free cocktails. The hotel doesn’t have to pay booking fees and it’s a win win.

2. You can buy lots of amazing Quality Artisan Tequilla or Mezcal to bring home

To the Mexican people, Tequilla is like a religion. Everyone has their own favorite and their idea of the best. There are so many small artisan producers that make an amazing product but can only be bought locally. These are not the cheap bottles with the worm at the bottom, drunk by kids on their spring break. These are smooth, mellow, artisan drinks made to be savored like a fine brandy.

With all those Mexican pesos in your pocket, make sure you get a few of the good bottles as you can’t get them back in the states.

3. The best service at hotels and resorts

Due to the low exchange rate and the low occupancy, Mexican hotels and resorts are rolling out the red carpet to give you the best service.

Some visitors have been given free upgrades at the resort with lots of extras thrown in. A lot of resorts are spending a lot of money on social media campaigns to promote their destination. Now is the time to indulge yourself while the USD MXN exchange rate is so low.

4. Upgrade your experience

With the benefit of the stronger dollar, your spending power is now much higher. Time to upgrade your experience. You can now book into the best restaurants and bars and the costs in USD has dropped a lot too. Previously, when times were good down there, it would have been impossible to get a table. And when you did, it would have cost a bomb. Now with all that Mexican pesos sloshing around in your wallet, it can go towards paying for that fine dining meal followed by a romantic cocktail at the trendiest roof top bar. Party away!


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