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3 Tips for Traveling to Costa Rica

Take a trip to Costa Rica and enjoy the many wonders of this tropical paradise. Discover the three best things to do on your Costa Rican vacation with this Costa Rican travel expert article. Latin America offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes, but there are few that compare to the beauty of Costa Rica. Take a Costa Rica vacation and discover the beauty, adventure, and relaxation that this paradise offers. Take a look at the three most important things you need to do during your stay in this wonderful country. Don’t forget to buy currency before your trip.

Explore nature

A paradise for nature lovers, explore the many wonders of the jungles and volcanoes on your Costa Rica vacation. Take a trip to Tortuguero National Park, a nesting place for turtles and home to a diverse wildlife. The park can only be reached by boat as it lies in a labyrinth of canals, mangrove swamps and lagoons. As one of the country’s premier wildlife sanctuaries, you will see several species of animals, including the endangered manatee in the park.

For another great natural destination, you make your way through the cloud forest of Monteverde. The Monteverde cloud forest is the meeting place of the north and the south on the continental divide. It lies where the two ecosystems collide, creating unique climatic and geographical conditions. Experience the forest at dusk, because most animals in the forest are nocturnal.

Another experience that makes your holiday unique is the drive to the Arenal Volcano. Wander through the rainforests and volcanic landscapes and even have a chance to see the small eruptions of the volcano from the designated lookout points.

Experience adventures

One way to make sure your holiday in Costa Rica is unique is to add a few adventures. The country’s landscapes are full of opportunities for those looking for a thrill during their trip, including zip-lining, white-water rafting and canyoning tours. Take a tour high above the treetops on a zip-lining excursion. Zip-lining allows travelers the opportunity to see the flora and fauna from above while enjoying an adrenaline rush.

Another way to fulfill your wishes is a whitewater rafting tour on the Pacuare River. The tours on the Pacuare take you past waterfalls, steep gorges, and lush rainforest. The river has class II-IV rapids and is ideal for beginners or experts. White water rafting is a perfect way to experience the natural beauty of the area while having fun.

If you want a close and personal experience with the natural wonders of the area, take a canyoning tour. Canyoning allows you to fend off the waterfalls and cliffs of Costa Rica. Most tours will have adventurers who line up at different waterfalls, where they will then repel the falls, a truly unique experience.

Lean back and relax

However, most travel to Costa Rica to relax on the beautiful beaches of the country. Travelers who want the ultimate beach vacation should go to Papagayo. With 12 pristine white sand beaches, this resort is the perfect place to relax. From your beach chair, you can see the crystal blue waters and lush greenery that reaches as far as the eye can see. The many resorts of Papagayo offer a variety of other beach and off-shore activities such as snorkeling, surfing lessons and catamaran tours


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